An Easy Weeknight Dinner Hack That Works Every Time

Rotisserie chicken

It’s past lunch time, which means it’s just about time to start thinking about dinner. If I had been responsible and planned appropriately, I would have figured out Wednesday night dinner days ago. But alas, I didn’t. Which means I have to figure it out now. What to do?

On days like today, we often turn to rotisserie chicken. We usually have it with salad or roasted veggies, but when we’re on our second night of chicken, or our second week in a row of chicken, I have to come up with something else.

Luckily, rotisserie chicken is really versatile (in addition to being delicious, wholesome and mess-free!). I wrote a post for Scottsdale Mom’s Blog on three of our favorite ways to use a rotisserie chicken that will make you forget you’re eating rotisserie chicken again. Check it out!

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