Travel snacks for the win.

IMG_1573.JPGWe recently did a cross-country trip to Florida. That’s 8+ hours of total travel time from Arizona. As you can imagine, that kind of travel with a toddler requires some advanced planning. And by that I mean, travel snacks.

Luckily, we’ve traveled a ton since Levi was born, and in that time we’ve developed some serious travel expertise. The main thing we’ve learned is you can never pack too many travel snacks.

Not all travel snacks are created equal. It’s super important to stock up on snacks that are both yummy and healthy. While tempting and easy, feeding your kids a bunch of junk on the airplane will just wire them up, not make them great travel companions. Plus all that junky stuff can lead to tummy aches–never something you want on an airplane! In addition to snacks that are yummy and healthy, I also find it really helpful to bring along at least a few “meal” type foods, like sandwiches, yogurt and oatmeal. On longer flights, I’ve even brought along a small tupperware with buttered pasta.

Pack your snacks in individual small bags or reusable snack containers (Itzy Ritzy and Ubbi make great ones), and then put all of them in one large ziploc in your carry-on. That makes them easy to find and access on the plane.

Finally, when prepping for travel, don’t forget your return trip! I always pack a bag of snacks in my luggage for the way back. This last trip, my husband came home with our little one on his own, and he was very appreciative of having snacks ready to go.

trail mix snack at the airport before our flight.

Don’t be afraid to pull out your snacks any time you need them, even if you’re still in the airport or sitting on the airplane before takeoff.

So what should you pack? Fresh and dried fruits and veggies, cheese, nuts, and healthy crackers are great options. Plus I always bring a sandwich and a packet of instant oatmeal, too.

For our last trip, I packed a peanut butter and honey sandwich on whole grain bread, Siggi’s yogurt tube, organic applesauce pouches, string cheese, bananas, apple slices, Annie’s Organic bunny snacks, Crispygreen dried apples and mangos, a bag of Pirate’s Booty (which was mostly consumed by the grown-ups), a packet of instant organic oatmeal, and homemade trail mix of nuts, raisins, and seeds.

Next time you take a trip, load up your carry-on with tons of awesome travel snacks and enjoy the flight!





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